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Minima’s music is an audacious 21st-Century interpretation of the images of silent and avant-garde film. Formed in 2006, Minima perform in cinemas and art centres, as well as music and film festivals. Minima’s repertoire includes set scores to surrealist films, horror and science fiction, as well as silent short films and improvised performances. Minima have recently written scores for contemporary filmmakers; they also offer masterclasses in silent film accompaniment.

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“Minima are one of the leading bands accompanying silent film in Europe.” (Robert Rider, Head of Cinema, Barbican Centre, London)

“Inventive musical accompaniment to the classic silent horror.” (The List, Edinburgh)

“Minima furnish Caligari himself with a jauntily sinister theme…” (

“One of the spring’s coolest events… they capture the film’s disturbing mood perfectly.” (The Daily Telegraph)

“The atmosphere was absolutely magical… hundreds of people seemed utterly spellbound.” (East End Film Festival)

“Minima provide a terrific new soundtrack to the film.” (Resonance FM)

“Acclaimed soundscapers Minima provide a superlative soundtrack… recommended.” (Time Out)